Mike Flick

Celebrate Recovery Director

Mike and his wife, Debi, began the Celebrate Recovery ministry at Lakeland in 2010 in response to the hurts, habits and hang-ups that afflict us in our lives. Mike works under the direction of Jeff Tillson, Lakeland’s Small Groups Pastor.

He has a passion for seeing people come together in small support groups and in the process seeing them being set free by the power of Jesus and His word. Whether it’s addictive or compulsive behaviors, substance abuse, damaging relationships, anxiety and control issues, loss of self or lack of emotional control, Jesus is using CR to make a difference in lives at Lakeland and in the community at large—including at the Walworth County Jail.

Since his encounter with Jesus in his late twenties while a creative director at a large ad agency and later as the head of his own ad agency, Mike has devoted a lot of his time and energy to churches he has been involved with. Until recently, he served on the board of overseers at Lakeland and also served as interim pastor prior to the appointment of Senior Pastor Josh.

Mike and Debi met and were married at Lakeland. They have 5 children and lots of grandchildren.