Josh and Lisa Amstutz

Josh Amstutz

Senior Pastor

Lisa Amstutz

Worship Pastor

While Josh grew up in the Chicagoland area, Lisa grew up in what she refers to as God’s country in Glacier National Park, Montana.  They met at Moody Bible Institute where they fell in love and began their journey in ministry together.  Josh received his bachelor’s in Youth Ministry and his Masters in Ministry, while Lisa picked up her bachelor’s in Education with a minor in Bible and Music.  Together they have 9 amazing kids: Reese, Hailey, Kelsey, Braden, Kylee, Arol, Lyla, Eden, and Brooks.

Josh has served in multiple areas of ministry since college.  He served 10 years in youth ministry in Joliet, IL and 3 years as an associate pastor in Owatonna, MN.  Lisa taught as a music teacher, served along side Josh in youth ministry, and has years of experience leading worship experiences.

They came to Lakeland in the fall of 2010 and it’s been an awesome ride since arriving.  They are passionate about authentic living, experiencing the raw power of God in each and every person’s life, and seeing people grow into fully devoted followers who boldly live for God.

Josh also enjoys almost any outdoor activity and anything involving music and coffee.  Lisa simply enjoys the evenings once all the kids are in bed…just kidding.  They love every draining and life giving moment with their kids, each other, and God’s people.