Andy Hodges

Children’s Resident


Andy grew up in Belleville, IL, a town about 30 minutes from St Louis, MO, which is why he loves Cardinals baseball and good BBQ. He was active in church growing up and accepted Christ as a 6th grader. He attended college at SIU Edwardsville where he was active in several campus and youth ministries, and he graduated in 2006 with a degree in Psychology. Since then, he’s served over a decade in year-round camp ministry in southern WI. Andy has complemented his degree from a public university by taking a half dozen classes in Bible and Counseling from Trinity International University, and is dedicated to being a life-long learner. He’s attended Lakeland since December of 2013.


Andy met his fiancé, Kristin, in April of 2016 on a canoe trip with friends. They share a love for camp ministry and having adventures in the God’s creation like hiking, sand volleyball (Kristin is much better), or playing catch with their dog Hank. They also love movies and shows like America’s Got Talent, having good conversations with friends, board games, and are thrilled to start a family together in marriage in mid-October of this year.


Andy will be serving this next year in Lakeland’s Leadership Residency Program within the Children’s Ministry of Energy and Transit. During this time, Andy hopes to curate a strong group of caring leaders and to exploit what a refreshing blessing that can be experienced when dedicating intentional time investing in the life and faith of a child. As he and Kristin are beginning this next stage of life, they couldn’t think of a better way to serve the Church then by serving kids and families through the Children’s Ministry at Lakeland.

Fun Facts

  • Andy has never met anyone with larger hands than himself. Andy has also never met Michael Jordan
  • For a period of his life, Andy considered becoming a missionary pilot, and has flown a plane, including take off and landing, all with the help of an actual pilot
  • Andy loves roller coasters, and tries to make it to a large theme park once a year
  • Andy once camped out in a Chick-fil-a parking lot for 24 hours to get a year’s worth of free Chick-fil-a sandwiches, and he’d do it again if you want to join.
  • Aside from cauliflower and chai tea, there aren’t many foods or drinks that Andy doesn’t like. But, he loves pizza, BBQ, Dunkin Donuts, and almost anything from Kwik Trip.