Talk It Over Week #4

Family30: February 29 & March 1, 2020

Talk It Over with Others

What gets in the way of you going to God more with your strong emotions?

ICEBREAKER: What’s your earliest memory?

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  1. How do you define emotional maturity? What’s one trait of emotional maturity that you want to strive for more in your family relationships?
  2. Read Luke 6:45. What we say goes beyond our words; our attitudes and nonverbal communication speak volumes from our hearts. What heart attitudes might you have that get in the way of God’s best in interacting with your family?
  3. What habits can you begin or go deeper with to cultivate goodness in your heart? What things in your life might need to go in order for goodness to be cultivated more in your words and actions?
  4. Think about family relationships or situations in which anger rises up inside of you. Identify the deeper heart issues that need God’s healing and ask Him to guide you in this process.
  5. How do you approach your own emotions (do you brush them aside, dwell on them)? What can you do to lead yourself into deeper awareness of your emotions and seek God’s truth through them
  6. Think about what’s flowing from your heart in your day-to-day life. What might your heart be telling you that can clarify your needs in spiritual growth and healing?
  7. Read Psalm 142. How often do you go to God with your emotions? What prevents you from going to Him?
  8. Read Proverbs 4:23. What does your battle plan (think of proactive steps) look like to guard your heart and go to God more with your strong emotions?

Close in prayer.