Talk It Over Week #4

All Rise: January 25 & 26, 2020

A Conversation Guide for Small Groups 

ICEBREAKER:  Describe an item of clothing you wore over and over as a kid.


Watch the Talk It Over video.  Find this at under Messages/Small Group Resources.



DISCUSSION STARTER:   What is the silliest thing anyone has gotten mad at you for? Or the most ridiculous fight or disagreement you’ve ever been a part of?



  1. Read Romans 12:9-18. What would look different in our world if we all practiced Biblical Honor? What changes would you like to see?
  2. What is the incentive to practice Biblical Honor when
    we see so much disrespect and so few practicing it?
  3. We have the ability to overcome evil through Biblical Honor. How do we tap into this ability?
  4. Read Romans 12:19-21. Why is returning evil for evil so difficult to overcome? What makes it so easy to react with evil when someone has disrespected us?
  5. Read Isaiah 5:20. Is there someone you are currently repaying with evil? (e.g., silent treatment, avoidance, gossiping) What are some ways you can begin to show them honor?
  6. Is there a physical place in your life that you’d love to see change to a place of peace? (e.g., workplace, home, gym, school, etc.)
  7. Why is there such tension there now? How could you bring love, honor, and peace to that place?

Close in Prayer