Talk It Over 08.18.2019

Then and Now: Week 1 – TALK IT OVER with Others

This week’s complete Talk It Over.

Small Groups at Lakeland exist to make disciples who make disciples in relational environments as we live out the four habits – accountability, shepherding, developing others, and on mission.


ICEBREAKER (optional): What are your three favorite smells?


SCRIPTURE: This week’s Talk It Over guide is based on Matthew 11:28-30. Please read this together in your Small Group before proceeding.


Watch the Talk It Over video.  Find this at under Messages/Small Group Resources.


DISCUSSION STARTER:  Picture yourself in your most relaxed state. Describe what that looks like. What would your surroundings be? What would you be doing? Would you be with anyone or would there be anything going on around you?



  1. What is your personal difference between a day off and a day of rest?
  2. What would “resting in Him” look like from God’s point of view?
  3. What have you believed in the past, or what do you currently believe, that you need to DO for God in order to receive his praise, favor and affirmation?
  4. Read Matthew 11:28-30 again. God offers rest to us here and now. We do not have to wait. What is something you deal with today that just thinking about it makes you weary?
  5. How can you be with God in His rest? What things do you need to start doing (or stop doing) in order to find rest in Christ?
  6. How can we learn to work from a place of rest so we don’t end up weary?
  7. How can we balance the idea of finding rest in the Lord while still doing what He has called us to do? Wouldn’t it be more pleasant to take our time to wander, to float and just take the easy route? What would we be missing if we only took the easy route?
  8. The idea of finding rest in God seems both easy and also quite difficult. What is appealing to you about finding rest in God? What worries you about resting in Him?

Close in prayer. Consider praying in smaller groups or pairs.