Questions 9.25.16

Ice Breaker

  1. This week we are talking about being on mission. Most of us have some type of current mission/goals in life. What is one of yours? I.e.… Weight loss, learning something new, reading a book, improving something, getting a promotion, etc.

Diving In

  1. This week we are talking about Jesus’ untimely interruptions. Read Luke 8:40-56. What stands out to you in how Jesus deals with one interruption after the next? How would you have felt as if you were Jarius? Why do you think the conversation with the woman was so important for Jesus?
  2. A lot of times we don’t have time for God to interrupt us because we’re so busy and life. Discussed the following statement that talks about the strategies of the enemy: If Satan can’t make you bad, he will make you busy.
  3. Jesus describes what drove His mission in John 5:19 and 6:38. How do you see where God is at work and join Him in that work?
  4. Read Matthew 8:23-27. In this passage there are two “suddenlys”. It seems like often the God interruption or opportunity comes upon us suddenly…and the opportunity to bring the kingdom of God to that situation seems just as sudden. How can you be prepared to participate in a “suddenly” this week?
  5. Are you committed to the mission of Jesus? What evidence is there of that in your life?

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