Questions 9.24.17

Battleground- Doing the Word

Ice Breaker

  1. Share something that’s been on your “to do list” forever. As much as you want to get to it…you just never do it.

Diving In

  1. What jumped out at you from the message on Sunday? A verse, thought, story, etc…
  2. Check out these passages of scripture. 1 Chron. 22:12, Isaiah 1:19, Proverbs 3:1, Duet. 28:1-2, James 1:25. How have you personally seen obedience produce something in your life?
  3. Pastor Josh talked through 3 reasons why we often struggle to obey the Word of God. Discuss each…what stood out to you as you heard these talked about?
    1. We get caught in a bad pattern (specifically a pattern coming back to sin)
    2. We hold a view of unsanctified mercy (we offer mercy where God is not)
    3. We lack a strategy (we don’t know what to do)
  4. The most simplistic strategy for obedience begins in meditation on God’s Word and the declaration of God’s Word over you. Why and how do these produce obedience?
  5. Pastor Josh walked through Psalm 1:1-3. As you consider the 3 postures in verse 1 that can lead to sin…what insights do you have for helping you keep free from sin and walk in obedience?

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