Questions 8.6.17

At The Movies – Moana
Small Group Discussion Starters

Breaking the ice…
-Who’s seen the movie Moana?  Rate it from one star to five and defend your rating.

-What was the scariest water situation you’ve been in?


Diving in…
-Pastor Erik taught that God’s Plan is Perfect; God’s Reason is Perfect; God’s Timing is Perfect.  What stuck out to you from the service on Sunday?

-Pastor Erik said that God will grow you and use you most once you’re out of your comfort zone.  From your experience do you agree?  Where else can we see this in the Bible?

-Read Isaiah 55:8-9.  What do those verses say to you?

-God leads the Israelites the long way and then tells them to turn back.  Have you ever felt like God’s plan was confusing like this?  Can you share an example?

-God tell the Israelites the He will gain glory for Himself through their story.  Do you think God can do that through your life too?  Can you think of a time He has?