Questions 7.23.17

At the Movies- Pete’s Dragon

Ice Breaker

  1. What’s something in life you were initially afraid of and eventually you came to love?

Diving In

  1. What jumped out at you from the message on Sunday? A verse, thought, story, etc…
  2. This week we were looking at how there are times when we struggle to understand what God is doing and the enemy can trick us into thinking God is against us. Have you ever fallen into this mentality or known someone who has? How is it a trap?
  3. Pastor Josh looked at 2 different groups of people who found offense with Jesus because they lacked understanding of the situation. What sticks out to you in the account with the Pharisees in Matthew 12:22-26?
  4. Discuss the following 2 elements seen in Matthew 11:2-6.
    1. Vs 4-5- keep your eye on the fruit of God and celebrate these things.
    2. Vs 6- Happy is the person who is not offended by the works of God.
  5. Share a time in your life when at the time you wondered where was God in it, but later God’s goodness and activity was so evident and obvious.