Questions 7.2.17

Howevers of Your Heart

Ice Breaker

  1. Fill in the Blank…I would love to do ______________, however _______________.

Diving In

Read Luke 9:57-62.

  1. What jumped out at you from the message on Sunday? A verse, thought, story, etc…
  2. Sometime the “howevers” in our lives are practical, but when it comes to what Jesus is calling us to, often they reveal where our hearts are being held captive and we need to surrender. Consider the 3 guys in the passage, how do these same “howevers” impact even us?
    1. 1st Followers Howevers- Comfort/ Safety
    2. 2nd Followers Howevers- Position/ Status/ Identity
    3. 3rd Followers Howevers- People Pleasing
  3. Is God enough for your everything? Why/ where do you still struggle to trust God to be enough in your life?