Questions 6.4.17

Breaking Bad- Kingdom for Every Tribe

Ice Breaker

  1. Growing up we all had a group that we hung out with (your tribe, if you will)…what was your tribe?

Diving In

  1. What jumped out at you from the message on Sunday? A verse, thought, story, etc…
  2. The week Pastor Josh talked about the unintentional byproduct that happens as we naturally cluster in tribes. We have the tendency to lose our love for those different from ourselves. Read Revelations 7:9-10. What do you think could be shocking to you about heaven in light of these verses?
  3. Pastor Josh talked about the design of the temple with the Court of the Gentiles. It existed so the worship of God could be observed by those who did not believe. Do you think the local church should exist for believers, non-believers, or both? How does it accomplish this?
  4. In John 1:39-41 we observe the simple invitation of Jesus to His first followers.   He invited them to Come and See. What is insightful about that simple invitation?
  5. Pastor Josh talked through the 3 Not Cues as an indicator of the perfect time to invite someone to come and see. Discuss why these are ideal or how you’ve used these cues in the past successfully.
    1. Things are NOT going well…
    2. I was NOT prepared for…
    3. I am NOT from here…

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