Questions 6.11.17

Breaking Bad- Kingdom Purpose

Ice Breaker

  1. Most of us had dreams of what we wanted to be when we were young. What did you dream of becoming when you were a child?

Diving In

  1. What jumped out at you from the message on Sunday? A verse, thought, story, etc…
  2. This week we are talking about breaking the bad cultural value of “being whatever you want to be” and shifting to being whatever God wants you to be. Pastor Josh talked about the concept of the Shadow Vision…this is everything your God given personality and gifts can accomplish apart from Him. What could a shadow vision be in your life? Have you fallen into chasing a shadow vision in the past?
  3. We looked at 3 encounters where Jesus is calling Peter to Kingdom purpose. Discuss each encounter. What stood out to you uniquely in each? How are they each important to planting seeds of purpose and calling Peter to the kingdom purpose?
    1. The Calling of Peter and Andrew- Matthew 4:18-20.
    2. The Declaration over Peter- Matthew 16:13-19
    3. The Reinstatement of Peter- John 21:15-18
  4. Discuss the following statement Pastor Josh made about knowing your identity in Christ. You cannot “do” until you understand your “who”. Do you agree? Disagree? And how do you build a solid “who”?
  5. In John 21:15-18 Jesus is restoring the relationship…discuss the following statement: Disobedience derails God’s purposes in you…or another way of looking at it Obedience facilitate God’s purposes in you.
  6. What kingdom purposes do you see in each other in your group? (if you’re running short on time…make sure to get to this question. Or even take a week in the future and dedicate a night to speaking ICNU over each other)

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