Questions 4.9.17

Journey Through John- The Nature of Sheep

Ice Breaker

  1. What will make you feel “out of sorts” in life?

Diving In

Read John 10:1-15

  1. What jumped out at you from the message on Sunday? A verse, thought, story, etc…
  2. Jesus used the relationship between sheep and their shepherd as an illustration of the relationship between Jesus and His followers. Shepherds sometimes broke the legs of wandering sheep. They would then carry them till healed and then that sheep would be one of the most loyal and closest to the shepherd in the flock. How do we sometimes see a similar process take place in our walks with God?
  3. Pastor Josh made 3 primary observations about the nature of Sheep.   Discuss each of these traits of sheep and how this might play out in our lives as followers of Christ. How do you actively take steps to grow in each of these areas?
    1. Verse 3- Sheep listen to His voice.
    2. Verse 4- Sheep follow the Shepherd’s leading.
    3. Verse 5- Sheep run away from the voice they don’t know.
  4. Bonus Discussion, if time allows…Read Psalm 23. How does the perspective of sheep and shepherd play into this Psalm?

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