Questions 4.2.17

Journey Through John- Breaking Cultural Perspectives

Ice Breaker

  1. Share an interesting family tradition you grew up with. Ie. Vacation, holiday, meal time, evening activity, hobby, etc.

Diving In

Read John 9:1-34

  1. What jumped out at you from the message on Sunday? A verse, thought, story, etc…
  2. Pastor Josh looked at 5 different people groups and their responses to Jesus. Each had cultural/ personal beliefs that impact whether or not they see the Kingdom work that God is doing. What sticks out to you about each group? What’s the modern day equivalent to that group of people in our culture?
    1. Disciples- incorrect foundation of belief/ yet teachable (verses 1-3)
    2. Neighbors- foundation of unbelief (verses 8-9)
    3. Pharisees- religious foundation/not teachable (verses 13-16)
    4. Parents- Fear and desire for acceptance (verses 18-23)
    5. Blind man- trying to wrap his mind around what just happened (verses 24-25, 32-33)
  3. Discuss the statement Pastor Josh made…cultural perspectives BLIND kingdom perspectives. How do you see that even in your own life?
  4. Is there an area in your life or a subject that you desire to figure out what God’s kingdom perspective is?

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