Questions 3.12.17

Journey Through John- Come and See

***Small Group Leader Note- Look over the questions and decide which questions you would like your group to discuss.

Ice Breaker

  1. Pastor Erik talked about teaching his kids to swim. Where were you when you learned how to swim? Who taught you?
  2. Pastor Erik talked about when you love something, you naturally tell others.  What restaurant or product have you quickly become a raving fan of, and told others about?

Diving In

Read John 1:40-49

  1. What did ya think? Any thoughts, questions, inspirations from the message Sunday?
  2. Around the group: Fill in the blank: I wouldn’t be a Christian if it weren’t for _______
  3. Many of us have felt like we aren’t ready to introduce someone else to Jesus. Have you ever felt that? What made you feel that way? What do you feel like you lack?
  4. Pastor Erik said “Sharing your faith is good for your faith”. Have you experienced that, through telling someone about Jesus or through serving? Share.
  5. Read Mark 5:18-20. It sounds so right that the healed man wants to go with Jesus. It sounds so backwards and harsh that “Jesus did not let him”. Why do you think Jesus wouldn’t let the man come with Him?
  6. Have you ever tried to argue with or convince someone to believe in Jesus? How’d that go?
  7. What do you think about the phrase “Jesus can speak to your friends/family differently than He has to you”?
  8. Share any names that you thought of from this message – people you feel you should introduce to Jesus. Then pray for one another in that.