Questions 2.5.17

Jonah- The God of the Persistent Call

Ice Breaker

  1. Have you ever been asked to do something out of your comfort zone? What was it…and did you do it?

Diving In

  1. What jumped out at you from the message on Sunday? A verse, thought, story, etc…
  2. This week as we launched into the book of Jonah we looked at the call upon Jonah’s life. Read Jonah 1:1-2. Pastor Josh talked about the brutal culture of the Ninevites and how that call could have been really scary for Jonah. Have you ever felt God call you to do something that scared you?
  3. Pastor Josh shared a few reasons why Jonah wouldn’t want to go to Nineveh. One of those was that Jonah and most of the Northern Kingdom likely believed Nineveh deserved judgment and punishment. They struggled with loving a cruel and terrible group of people. How do we fall into that same mindset of Jonah? Does your heart long for judgment on a group of people that God’s heart longs for redemption?
  4. In Verses 3-12, Jonah runs from God’s call straight into rebellious disobedience. Sometimes our own disobedience can have significant impacts upon others. In this case the sailor’s cargo is thrown overboard and their lives are at risk. How can our sin impact others?
  5. Is there something you believe God has called you to do or get involved with that you have yet to answer that call? Our God of the persistent call will not stop until you walk in your calling…what’s holding you back?

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