Questions 11.6.16

Multiply Remix- Kingdom of Risk

Ice Breaker

  1. Some people are natural risk takers, while others are not. Which do you tend toward and share one of the riskiest things you think you’ve done? (that’s appropriate to share…haha)

Diving In

  1. What insights, aha moments, or discussions did the message bring out for you?
  2. This week as we dive into Multiply Remix we are all being challenged in the area of multiplying as disciples. This can be a very risky endeavor. What’s the scariest part for you as you think about leading someone else to Jesus and helping them grow in their walk with Jesus?
  3. This week we dove into the account of the 12 spies who spy out the Promise Land. (Numbers 13-14)   Discuss some of the observations Pastor Josh talked through this past Sunday.
    1. 13:1-2- In the command is the promise from God. Do you feel like you’ve ever been told by God to do something specifically? Was there a promise from Him associated with the command?
    2. 13:27-31- The 2 perspectives. One group sees it through the promise the other through the problem. Do you have a tendency to focus on the problem or the promise? How do you make a mental shift out of fear? How does God lead you through that?
    3. 14:1-4- The fear of the enemy actually leads the Israelites to wanting to go back to slavery and bondage. How does fear lead us to bondage?
    4. 14:6-9- Caleb and Joshua plead with the Israelites. They remind them to not rebel against God, don’t be afraid, and the Lord is with them always. As you consider the truth that people who are used by God in huge ways are consistently taking huge bold risks for him. How does this challenge you? How could you grow in this and take even a small first step in risky faith this week?

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