Questions – 10.8.17

Crowd Breaker (optional): Go around the room and share what your favorite fruit or vegetable is, then use three adjectives to that describe why you like it.

Discussion Starter(optional): Let’s start by simply asking if anyone has a specific take away from this weekend’s message and the groundbreaking service.

Focus Questions

  1. Pastor Josh shared a story about a card that was laying on the ground behind his workout equipment. He discussed the way we get used to things and become complacent about change even if it is necessary. Share about a time when complacency came up in your life and it kept you from change that was necessary?  (Small Group Leaders: You might have to share first.)
  1. We are going to reread the Scripture we studied this weekend. As we read, which character do you relate to the most?  Which one do you relate to the least?  Why?  Reread Acts 3:1-11 then share.
  1. This passage forces us to some important questions as a group. Has anyone in this group ever gone out of their way to help someone else in a way that stretched your faith? (Share, if willing)  Has anyone in this group ever been completely dependent on the help of others? (Share, if willing)  Has anyone in this group been guided toward help that initially you weren’t open to? (Share, if willing)  All of these questions push us toward the heart of God as individuals and as the church.
  1. This weekend’s message talked about the difference between managing anger and overcoming anger. Can anyone share a personal story of God’s deliverance from something verses just managing it?  (Small Group Leaders: You might have to share first.)
  1. A big dream of God’s work at Lakeland was shared this weekend – a dream of what kind of church we are and will be.  Ultimately, the church is not the building but it is the people of God.  How is God prompting you in this season to be a part of what He is doing at home, at work, in your neighborhood, etc?