Questions 10.22.17

“TABOO: Sex”


Small Groups at Lakeland exists to make disciples who make disciples in relational environments as we live out the four habits – accountability, shepherding, developing others, and on mission. 


 ICEBREAKER (optional): Tell the group about something that irritates you. (This should be light – cotton balls/squirrels/slow drivers, not heavy – my neighbor, etc)


[SHEPHERDING] Depending on your group and how you want to direct the conversation, consider what would be the best set up for discussing the topic of sex.  If you lead a co-ed group, you could stay together for the entire discussion, half the discussion, or have two separate discussions. Your call!   


DISCUSSION STARTER (optional): Let’s start by asking if anyone has a specific takeaway from this weekend’s message that they’d like to share.


  1. How do you feel about discussing sex in a church setting? Do you feel the same way about discussing sex in other settings?  Why do you think there’s a difference for you/others?
  2. If you only learned about sex from your favorite TV show, what would it teach you?
  3. This weekend, we talked about the importance of biblical covenant (a binding promise between God and His people). Had you ever considered how “covenant” (the marriage covenant) provides a basis to our beliefs of sex?  What do you believe is the basis of our culture’s understanding of sex?
  4. Sex is not only spiritual and cultural but it is deeply personal. Let’s uncover a sampling of Scriptures that speak into different aspects of our personal stories.  As we read these, which verse does God want you to hear the most tonight?  Let’s divide and read Galatians 5:13, James 1:13-16, 1 John 1:9, Luke 6:27-28, and Romans 8:1-2.  [You might consider reading them through twice to really soak in the truths and allow God to speak. Then have others share as much as they are comfortable. The responses you receive could really lead to SHEPHERDING moments and enlisting others to pray and care for each other – DEVELOPING OTHERS]
  5. The Bible is also clear that our enemy is a devouring lion (1 Peter 5:8). Sex is clearly one of Satan’s most successful strategies for consuming God’s children.  An old Christian song says “People never crumble in a day, families never crumble in a day, daddys/mommys never crumble in a day” (Casting Crowns, Slow Fade).  It’s daily sins and “little compromises” are so dangerous in pursuing a holy sexuality.  Talk to a trusted, same-gender Christ follower who can hold you ACCOUNTABLE to walking in freedom in this area.