Questions 10.16.16

Ice Breaker

  1. We all have special items that when we run across them later in life it’s like finding a treasure. Share something that you’ve come across in recent years that was special to find.

Diving In

  1. This week as we continue in our series The Sacred Secular Divide we are considering the story of the prodigal son. Read the story again as a small group and consider these questions. Luke 15:11-31
    1. The younger brother goes out and squanders his fortune in the secular. How do people take what God has given them (ie. That which was designed for God’s sacred purposes…resources of time, talents, and treasure) and waste it on themselves or their own purposes? How do Christians fall into this trap as well?
    2. The older brother is frustrated when a party is being thrown for his younger brothers return. Sometimes even in Christian circles it can seem like only those with horrible rebellious stories who return to God get celebrated. Why is it important to celebrate the younger brothers coming to God? How can we also celebrate the older brother’s consistency as well?
    3. The greatest problem for the older brother is that he has lost sight of what he has access to (the entire kingdom). Sometime we can live in the safety of Christian circles and lose sight of enjoying and bringing the kingdom daily into our worlds. Do you find yourself complacent? How could you more purposefully engage in enjoying and bringing the kingdom into your daily life?
  2. Is there a person, a place, or a situation where you’ve almost given up praying for God to work and you need to be reminded to keep persevering like the older brother and that the kingdom of God is yours?

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