Questions 09.18.2016

Ice Breaker

1.     This week we are talking about being changed.  If you had to change 1 of these 3 elements in your life, what would you change and to what/where?  1. Job.  2.  Location to live. 3. Talent.

Diving In

2.     This week we are talking about the 2nd portion of our mission statement and that is to lead people to be changed by Jesus.  This is the process of sanctification: being made holy.  Read 1 Peter 1:14-15.  Discuss the idea of becoming holy and sanctification.  What questions arise from these verses and this theological concept?

3.     Pastor Josh used 2 chairs to communicate the idea of the old self and the new self.  Read Eph 2:1-2.  In verse one Paul says you “were dead”…meaning this is the former way for your life.  If the first chair (the old self) is truly dead, what does that mean to you?

4.     The second chair was the new self.  Read 2 Cor. 5:15, 17, 21.  What does “we become the righteousness of God” mean for us?

5.     Pastor Josh talked about how many Christians are trying to become Christ-like while continuing to have a first chair mindset.  In Gal. 4:4-9 you see the mindset shift from slave to child.  Pastor Josh talked about how the slave operates from a place of no authority, no ownership, etc…while the heir operates from a place of authority and ownership.  In every difficult situation in life we can approach it from the position of what do I now own in heaven?  What is my kingdom inheritance in light of this situation?  How would that impact your daily life?