Questions 09.11.2016

Ice Breaker

1.     All of us follow something (ie. Sports team, politics, movie series, authors, etc)…what earthly thing do you follow most in life?

Diving In

2.     In Mission AOR we are talking about our Area Of Responsibility where we are to implement the great commission.  What area of responsibility do you sense God has called you to most invest to bring kingdom impact?

3.     This week we rolled out our new mission statement based off Matt 4:19.  Leading people to follow Jesus, be changed by Jesus, and committed to the mission of Jesus because lives are at stake.  How does this mission give greater clarity for you as a disciple?

4.     This week, Pastor Josh focused on following.  In Col 2:6-8 we see what intentional following looks like and the trap we may fall to if we are not careful.  How do you stay rooted in Him?  How do we sometimes fall captive to hollow and deceptive philosophy?  Another way to ask it, how many decisions do you make in your day or life that have nothing to do with Jesus?