Questions 09.04.2016

Ice Breaker

1.     This week as we continue in our series A Wise Person Once Said we are talking about trust.  All of us are usually either quick to trust or slow to trust.  Which are you and why do you think you are that way?

Diving In

2.     Proverbs 28:25-26 describes those who trust in themselves.  How have you seen the principle taught in Proverbs to be true in life?

3.     Pastor Josh talked about the difference between faith and trust.  It’s easier to have faith than trust, as trust is faith in action.  He used the illustration of the Great Blondin and his invitation to have an observer hop in the wheelbarrow to cross Niagara Falls.  Why is trust so much more difficult than faith?  Discuss any of your own personal tensions between your faith and trust in God.

4.     Pastor Josh took some time to walk through Proverbs 3:5-6.  Discuss the following questions while talking through this verse.

a.     Trust in the LORD with all your heart…How can you engage to trust God more with every aspect of who you are?

b.     And lean not on your own understanding…How do you find yourself relying on what logically makes sense in your head vs trusting God?

c.      In all your ways acknowledge him…How might you invite Jesus into another area where you struggle to trust Him now?

d.     And He will make your paths straight…Notice it says, HE will make your paths straight.  Sometimes we act like WE will make our paths straight.  Are you trusting God, but partially leaning on yourself?