Questions 08.28.2016

Ice Breaker

1.     This week we are talking about priorities and how we spend our time.  If you had an extra hour added to every day, what would you do with your extra hour?

Diving In

2.     There are plenty of verses about the shortness of life.  (Ps. 90:12/ 39:4/ 102:11/ James 4:14)  Why do we struggle to actually number our days and live with this reality in mind?

3.     Read Proverbs chapter 9.  In this chapter there are 2 opposing positions, wisdom and folly.  Both are calling out to us.  Wisdom will lead us toward many years and good life.  Folly produces death.  What else stands out to you in this chapter?  Why does folly influence and win over many individuals?

4.     Pastor Josh also looked at the final chapter in Ecclesiastes.  In chapter 12 the final thoughts and conclusion of the book is summarized in verses 13-14.  Fear the Lord and keep his commands, this also a central idea in Proverbs 9:10.  Pastor Josh talked about the Hebrew word for fear- Yara.  This is not necessarily terror, but awe, respect, honor, etc.  What has your perspective of the fear of the Lord been, how could this definition of the fear of the Lord impact your activities and priorities?

5.     Read Proverbs 16:2-3.  Do you commit all your activities and plans to the Lord?  What could this look like to start practicing this today?