Questions 08.07.2016

Ice Breaker

1. We’ve all experienced a relational awkward moment in life…share one of your funniest or strangest awkward moment.

Diving In

2. This week Pastor Josh talked about 3 specific relationships that we can bring intentionality and wisdom into. Discuss each of these categories, reference the Proverbs, and practical applications from each:

a. Peers- Proverbs 17:17/ 18:24

i. 12:26- how does the leading process happen in friendships?

ii. 27:6/ 27:17

b. Mentors- Proverbs 13:20/ 19:20/ 22:17

c. Spouse- Proverbs 31:24/ 24:3-5/ 31:10-11

i. There are 4 thematic character traits seen in Proverbs 31- Hard work/ Generosity/ Wisdom/ and the Love of God…if you’re not married how do these character traits impact your selection of a spouse? If you are married how can you grow personally in these 4 character traits to bring greater health to your marriage relationship?