Questions – 06.24.2018

“Take the Lead: In Conflict”


Small Groups at Lakeland exist to make disciples who make disciples in relational environments as we live out the four habits – accountability, shepherding, developing others, and on mission. 


ICEBREAKER (optional): Do you have a favorite number?


DISCUSSION STARTER (optional): Let’s start by asking if anyone has a specific takeaway from this weekend’s message that they’d like to share.




  1. Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a silly conflict? Share this with the group.
  2. ACCOUNTABILITY: Today we are going to study a foundational passage for the biblical way to handle conflict among followers of Jesus. Let’s read Matthew 18:15-22.  [Read] Based on this passage what is the first step in handling conflict? [Answer: Go to your brother/sister and tell them their fault]  When we are hurt by someone else, what are sinful responses we take (or are tempted to take)?
  3. SHEPHERDING: This passage places so much weight on “hearing/listening.” [v. 15, 16, 17] Who is instructed to listen – the offended or the offender? [Answer: The offender] Why is this so important in confronting someone else?
  4. If the offender refuses to listen, the Bible instructs us to bring in witnesses and (if they still don’t listen) to involve the church. Have you ever experienced this? Was that a positive or negative experience?  With the goal of relational restoration in mind, what type of people should be enlisted as witnesses in biblical conflict resolution?
  5. DEVELOPING OTHERS: God is serious about restoration and it all happens in relational community with others. How can our small group be prepared to walk in a Christ-like way in resolving conflict and restoring hurt? [Main takeaways: Being prepared to be initiators of restoration, when we offend we will listen, be discerning and trusted witnesses, etc] How can we (as a small group) be more obedient in this as disciples of Jesus?
  6. DEVELOPING OTHERS: Challenge: Are there any corrections that you need to make in how you have been handling a conflict in your life? Considering Matthew 18, what is your next step?