Questions – 04.07.2019

Ruth: Week 3 | Small Group Conversation Guide


Small Groups at Lakeland exist to make disciples who make disciples in relational environments as we live out the four habits – accountability, shepherding, developing others, and on mission.


ICEBREAKER (optional): If you could join the cast from any TV show what would it be?


SCRIPTURE: Begin by taking turns reading Chapter 3 of Ruth together. (The Conversation Starter assumes your group has read the chapter before you play the video.)


Watch Pastor Josh’s Small Group Conversation Starter


DISCUSSION STARTER: If you want to be an ordinary person doing extraordinary things with God, you need to be able to come to the Lord with the really big requests. What sometimes stops us from thinking we can even ask God for the seemingly impossible? Has the possibility of getting the big thing you’re asking for stopped you from asking for it?



  1. Share a time when you called out to God, “I need you!” and he showed up.
  2. Do you believe God fulfills seemingly impossible requests today? Do you believe those miracles are just for other people? Or do you fully believe that God will fulfill your impossible requests, too?
  3. Discuss the idea that God might be calling you to ask for something huge and audacious. God knows what we need so He doesn’t need us to tell Him, but He wants us to be bold and ask anyway. Why do you suppose this is?
  4. We minimize our requests, asking for the bare minimum, or we might even halfheartedly ask God for what we need. What are some reasons for doing this? (i.e., fear of God not answering, trying not to make Him look bad to others if He doesn’t follow through, lack of faith.)
  5. Naomi wisely counseled Ruth to not come as a victim demanding her rights, but as a humble servant, trusting in the goodness of her kinsman-redeemer. By taking the big, audacious step to uncover the feet of Boaz, she was saying, “I respect you, I trust you, and I put my fate in your hands.” How can we position ourselves before God when we prepare to ask for something really big?
  6. We know that not all big audacious requests get answered the way we would like them to be. Sometimes, the healing just doesn’t come, the new job never arrives, or the child-bearing years pass with no baby. Why are prayers unanswered? Why would a loving God not always give people what they pray for? Have you ever looked back and been thankful that God didn’t give you what you prayed for?
  7. Are you praying prayers that “make God sweat?” What is the big, hairy, audacious request you want to pray for today?


Close in prayer. Consider praying in smaller groups or pairs.