Questions – 03.03.2019

Master Your Money: Week 1 |  Small Group Conversation Guide

PDF version of This Week’s Daily Refections & Small Group Guide 


Small Groups at Lakeland exist to make disciples who make disciples in relational environments as we live out the four habits – accountability, shepherding, developing others, and on mission.


ICEBREAKER (optional): When you were a teenager, what was a “prized possession” or the most valuable thing you owned?


Watch Pastor Josh’s Small Group Conversation Starter


DISCUSSION STARTER (optional): Let’s start by asking if anyone has a specific takeaway from this weekend’s message to share.



  1. Discuss the questions that Josh mentioned at the end of this week’s Small Group Conversation Starter.
  2. As we talk about our hearts and money, we are going to read the story about the Rich Young Ruler. For those of you who are familiar with this story, what do you remember about it?  (Tip: You could ask someone to come prepared to tell the story like they would any story.  This “storying” approach will help the truth stick in a new way.  Once they have finished, ask if anyone can remember other details of the story.)
  3. Read Matthew 19:16-26. This event was disturbing and unsettling to the man in this story, the disciples, and anyone who witnessed it.  How is this story still unsettling today?  What questions does it force us to wrestle with?
  4. It is easy for us to judge or look down on the man in this story but what does this story tell us about ourselves or humanity? What do we learn about our hearts?
  5. Why does Jesus command him to sell his possessions? Do you think this command applies to everyone?  (Optional: If not, what truth can we apply to our lives?  Is that truth easy or difficult for you to live out?)
  6. What word would you use to describe Jesus in this story? Share more about why you chose that word.
  7. Have you ever felt prompted by God to give up a possession?  If so, share that story.
  8. Imagine if the Rich Young Ruler did what Jesus commanded him to do. How might the story have been different?  What heart change would he have experienced?
  9. End with this Challenge: Money became an idol in the rich young ruler’s life.  His life revolved around it and he chose to continue in his sin.  What is your life revolving around?  What would God have to say about that?  Will you surrender it and allow your heart to be transformed or will you walk away unchanged?


Close in prayer. Consider praying in smaller groups or pairs.