Questions – 01.27.2019

Mistaken Identity: Week 4

Small Group Conversation Guide


Small Groups at Lakeland exist to make disciples who make disciples in relational environments as we live out the four habits – accountability, shepherding, developing others, and on mission.


ICEBREAKER (optional): When you were growing up, what famous person did you want to be like?


Watch Pastor Josh’s Small Group Conversation Starter


DISCUSSION STARTER (optional): Let’s start by asking if anyone has a specific takeaway from this weekend’s message to share.




  1. Pastor Josh finished the video by asking: What is another strategic step that you can take this week to set up the fruit of the Spirit in you?
  2. As a disciple of Jesus, what is one of the biggest character-shaping changes that Jesus has made in you that others have noticed, been drawn to, or been surprised by?
  3. From your own experience, how would you describe “life in the flesh” versus “life in the Spirit”?
  4. Read Galatians 5:22-25. This is the key passage for what is known as the fruit of the Spirit.  The fruit of the Spirit could be seen as high ideals and mere niceties. How do you respond to that? What makes them more than ideals?
  5. Share about a time when you were on the receiving end of someone else living out the fruit of the Spirit. How did that impact you?
  6. When you think about growing in the fruit of the Spirit, is it instant growth, gradual, or both? How do you know if you are actually growing in the fruit of the Spirit?
  7. What habits or experiences have helped you cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in your life?
  8. Group Activity: ICNU – Grab a notecard with each person’s name and pass them around the circle.  Have each person write the fruit of the Spirit that is most notable in this person’s life.  Once people get their card back, have them share about what they notice on their cards.
  9. Close with this thought: When Christians live “fruitfully” it is a declaration of God’s Kingdom to the world. The powerful Spirit of God is on display and breaking into our homes, our workplaces, and our world!


Close in prayer. Consider praying in smaller groups or pairs.