Questions – 01.21.2018

“Life Hacks: Family and Mentors”


Small Groups at Lakeland exist to make disciples who make disciples in relational environments as we live out the four habits – accountability, shepherding, developing others, and on mission. 


ICEBREAKER (optional): What was the messiest job you’ve ever had or what was the biggest mess that you had to clean up?


DISCUSSION STARTER (optional): Let’s start by asking if anyone has a specific takeaway from this weekend’s message that they’d like to share.




  1. This weekend we talked about five habits/life hacks that we learn from King David’s life – healthy boundaries, intentional investment, truth telling, facing the facts, and calling up (ICNU). Which habit do you feel is a strength for you? Which do you feel is an area of growth? (Note: Be listening for a theme in the answers.  Do you need to unpack more in a certain habit? This would be a great SHEPHERDING conversation.)
  2. What other life hacks have you learned about family, home life, or mentoring relationships?
  3. Being mentored and mentoring has been a part of God’s plan for discipleship since the beginning. What do you think are some of the greatest qualities to look for in a mentor?
  4. DEVELOPING OTHERS: Turn in your Bibles to Titus 2:1-8. [Tip: Have two or three people read the passage all the way through. Soak in the truths. After each time through, invite people to a deeper understanding of its truth and have them identify a word or phrase that God wants them to hear. Great training for reflecting on Scripture on their own!  After reading, have each share the word or phrase that stands out to them.]
  5. ACCOUNTABILITY: Let’s press into the specific instruction that this passage has for our group. How do we obey this passage as older men, older women, younger men, or younger women?
  6. ON MISSION: Who do we need to enlist as mentors in our lives? Who do we need to reach out to today to begin mentoring?