Good Grief Week #2

Talk it Over  5/10/20

Recap We all have faced loss during this season and thus we all have something to grieve. This week we covered stages 3 and 4 of the ‘5 Stages of Grief’. We discovered how we need to Ask for Help during the stage of Bargaining and how to Receive Help from God during the stage of Depression.

More than anything, the most important thing for all of us to do is not run from the process. For as one person said, “God’s grace doesn’t heal you from grief…it heals you as you grieve.”

Icebreaker What was the worst trouble you ever got in with your parents or at school?

Scripture Reference Jeremiah 29:12-13; Psalm 67

Focus Questions:

  1. Have you ever performed a job or service but were “paid” in something other than money? Have you ever traded or bartered to have something done? (i.e.,haircuts for an oil change; food and drinks for moving assistance) Why did you choose to bargain instead of just pay money for the service?
  2. When we ask someone for help, what makes us obligated to give something in exchange? 
  3. Why is it so hard to simply ask for help? Especially when we know we’re created for relationships?
  4. Read Jeremiah 29:12-13. What does God say we need to do in order to ask for and get his help? What do we need to give Him in return?
  5. The word depression comes from the Latin word deprimere, meaning ‘to press down’. How are some ways you deal with stress, events or situations that are pressing down on you?
  6. Read Psalm 69. In verses 19-28, David doesn’t hold back being overwhelmed. In what ways do you tend to react to being overwhelmed or pressed? Are they working for you?
  7. Read Psalm 22:1-3, Psalm 35:17-18 and Psalm 42:9-11. When you are angry, what do you tend to do? What similarities or differences are there between what you do and what David does in these verses?
  8. Is there incomplete grief in your life that is currently sitting in the area of bargaining or depression? Ask for God’s help: “God, help me as I process…..” And receive God’s help: “God, I look to receive from you…..”

Digging Deeper Want to continue to dive into grief throughout your week? Click the link below for more readings, questions and resources to bring throughout your week.

Digging Deeper-Good Grief Week#2