Work Hard, Play Hard – 10/23/18


Our wifi went down but that didn’t stop us from getting things done around here except a blog post for you! We spent all day in every direction! 6 of 7 babies are very sick and left Hogar with all the caregivers to be seen by a local pediatrician who was an hour away. They were gone all morning. One baby was diagnosed with bronchitis and all came back with antibiotics and cough medicine. We are grateful they are on the mends.

All day we have had team members doing projects: building baby gates for doorways, wiring cables for the new security cameras, building shelving for a clothing closet, planting a garden and spending quilting time with the children! After lunch, our work projects resumed and a few team members took all of the older children around town for an ice cream treat.

Garden of Grace

Cereal necklaces with the children

New shelving for a closet

Putting up security cabinets

Putting away all the donated medical supplies


Our jam packed day ended with a meal shared with all and then onto a soccer game where some of the adult boys and staff played against other town folk. Americans stand no chance against these guys! Our night ended with the “Rally”.  Language barriers aside, we had games planned for all to participate in. Our team even taught the Guatemalans how to play “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. SO MUCH LAUGHTER!

What a great way to end the night.