UTZ – 10/22/18

“How are we doing?” you ask…  Utz which is Quiche for “very well”.  This group has come together as a team supporting each other in so many ways.

Saturday night was an extremely rough night for the night shift women.  Many of the children are very sick with what we think is pneumonia.  They are taking 3 to the doctor in Quiche right away in the morning on Monday.  The two women from the night shift are exhausted today, however today is “market day” in Sajcabaja.  Everyone was very excited to experience market and purchase a few things from the locals.  Market is an experience all in itself with brilliantly colored fabrics, products from the locals and products shipped from all over the world.  Street food is also everywhere in the market.  We found a few pretty good deals and contributed to the local economy.  

We returned to Hogar for lunch and some devotional time.  After devotions, which were especially sweet today due to a couple of testimonies, we had a free afternoon.  We had a great afternoon just hanging out and strengthening bonds with the children and our team. 


After a couple hours of rejuvenating, it was time to go to church.  We, as a team, sung 3 songs, with Erik on the guitar to start praise and worship.  We could be an awesome A Capella group.  We did not even practice before hand and still sounded great. Erik says we are officially a touring worship band, after all we did arrive on a bus. 

Hogar has traveling pastors that come in to preach.  Today, they had a very bold, faithful pastor.  He taught about putting expectations in your prayers.  The pastor asked Dena to come up and translate for us.  We don’t think this pastor ever worked with a translator before. Dena did a fantastic job conveying the message though.

On a brighter note, Pastor Josh owes Erik a raise because we have promoted him twice.  Once as our worship leader and, well, we’ll let the picture below tell the story…..