Surprise Inspection (by Ken Amstutz)

While the Lakeland Team was at Soddo Christian Hospital, the hospital had a surprise visit by a team of 4 Zonal inspectors from the national hospital inspection team.  They evaluated Soddo Christian Hospital against 27 different service Standards over three days of intense inspections.

They commended SCH on our equipment and services which were well above the standards set and said that they would like to come and learn from us… They also realized that they need to revise their check lists as they have not accommodated for our EMR and digital radiological service.

We are the first of the 24 hospitals in the southern region to have scored the “green zone”.

The Regional Head of Zonal Medical Evaluations joined us for morning tea, he promised that he will personally ensure the renewal of the hospital’s license and he will offer written support for visiting medical professionals.  This is a huge issue for the hospital and was an answer to our prayers.

All glory to God our Father, as He turns up every time we are in need ,  He Never fails!!!!