Packed and Ready!

“Really? Africa? I HOPE you know what you’re doing.”

“Wow. You’re trying to bring HOW many bags of donated supplies with you? Gosh. I HOPE they have enough room on the plane!”

“Have you forgotten about Ebola?? Man, I HOPE you don’t find yourself anywhere near it.”

Our modern dictionary defines “hoping” for something as: Wanting it to happen. Intending, if possible, for it to happen.

If we’re honest, what most of us really mean when we use the word hope is this:

             Well, if possible, it would be AWESOME if xyz happened, but I’m not so sure that it IS possible.

Did you know that God gives hope a very different meaning in His word?

Both the Greek word used in the New Testament and the Hebrew word used in the Old Testament for hope are defined with the same words: Expectation. Confidence.

Confident Expectation


In about 36 hours, our team will meet to load up about 21 or so bags of donated supplies and medical equipment to take to the staff and missionaries on-site at Soddo Christian Hospital.  We’ll say good-bye to our families and hop on a plane that will travel for a combined total of almost 15 hours in the air alone just to get to the capital of Ethiopia.  We’ll travel through customs and pray that our bags not only make it on the plane, but that they go safely and without hassle past the eyes of those that have the authority to delay that process.  We’ll hop in a commuter van and ride 6 more hours over rough back country roads to finally make it to the hospital itself.

With every detail involved, there’s more than enough room for our brains to pray in our modern day kind of hope, “intending, if possible, for things to go well.”

But the prayer on my heart today is that the Lord fill us with HIS kind of Hope.

That the 9 of us that will be physically traveling to Soddo as well as the hundreds of friends, family and fellow Lakelanders that will be holding us up in prayer, will be filled with the Confident Expectation that HIS favor and HIS blessings and HIS hand will be guiding and leading and smoothing out all the details that need to happen on this journey, because of HIS faithfulness.

We can’t WAIT to share all the stories of how He does just exactly that over the next 2 weeks with each of you.

Thank you for sharing in this journey with us!!!

Hebrews 10:23 “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.”