Day Two – Addis Ababa to Soddo Christian Hospital (by Ken Amstutz)

We ate breakfast at the SIM guest house in Addis Ababa.  Several of the team members had woken up at 8 AM Wisconsin time only to discover it was still midnight in Ethiopia.

I got to watch their wide open, starring eyes at the 1000’s of new images: donkeys walking down the middle of the road carrying water jugs, hay, or pulling carts, children running alongside a busy highway while children younger than those left in Williams Bay, tended and herded the family cattle, the ear splitting cries of straining diesel engines belching out almost over powering fumes, thousands of construction projects, and cattle drawn plowing.   They each took hundreds of picture which will no doubt bore you, but which have changed them forever.

Several of them commented that they had been thrust back 150 years of technology in one day.  Lakeland, they represented you very well.  They weep with those who were weeping and rejoiced with those who rejoiced and were your hands and feet here in Soddo Ethiopia.

Please pray for them as they see dozens of things that should be changed for the better, while trying to observe in this vastly different culture.