Day 5 – Part 1 – He pushed me on the swing today (by Kym Bachtell)

He Pushed Me on the Swing Today…..

Jesus loves me this I know… For the Bible tells me so.  This song is something we all know so well.  Every child has had it sung over them, to them or around them.   As a little girl, I believed it to be true.  Seasons change.  Challenges arise.  Truth is drowned out by noises of life.

Jesus Loves Me:  The noises of world took over that truth in my life.  Too many voices, lies, challenges, mistakes, and condemnation made that truth less real in my life.   Eventually, I came around by the overwhelming grace of my Father to the knowledge once again that Jesus Loves me!  But, that is where it stayed.  Knowledge.  I knew it in my head all day long and I could tell you over and over again how His mercy and love reigned over my life.  Restoration, healing, peace, wisdom… I could share of His love for me over and over because I saw His hand in all the places that were once dark and scary.  Over all the places that I did not know had holes in, He revealed to me and patched my cracks with his Love.  I make no apologies for sharing of His grace over my life in hopes to show others how amazing my God is.   I held tightly with all my might to the fact that I knew in my head that the love of my Father was real for everyone.  Never once did I allow Him to become tangible in my heart.   And never once did I believe that I was worthy of it.

Today, in a very tangible, raw visit from the Holy Spirit, I was held.  I was LOVED by Him.  I found rest in Him.  I allowed the Holy Spirit to be trusted with my whole heart.  And He filled it with His relentless love.  Jesus Loves ME, this I KNOW!


Yet in His goodness and faithfulness, He did not move.  He stayed with me.

As I was walking and talking with Him later in the afternoon, I was drawn to the playground and began to walk excitedly to the swing.  As a little girl, that was my favorite place.  I could touch the sky there and there were no limits for that moment.  It was a safe place to escape.  As an adult (for those who know me) I am extremely sensitive to motion and get sick very easily.  I haven’t swung on a swing in years!  I just had to sit down on it.  All of a sudden, I was swinging so high on that swing that the landscape of the mountaintops was all I could embrace.   This was such a precious gift from a Father’s loving heart.  While I was learning how to hear the voice of the Lord, I was taught to close my eyes and picture myself in the most special place I could find sitting and talking with my Father.  When I close my eyes to meet my Father, He is sitting on a swing and I am at His feet.  That is my special place to meet with my Daddy.   Today, He pushed me on that swing.  He pushed me for over 30 minutes without one moment of nausea.  And the lyrics of a beautiful heart cry came on through my earbuds.  Jesus Loves Me this I know was replaced with He’s a Good Good Father.  Over and over it played in my ears and my heart overflowed with sobs of joy!

My Daddy came here to swing with me.  He is God and He doesn’t miss a thing!  HE LOVES ME!