Day 3 – Pam Patterson & Jesus Walking In The Garden…

Hello friends and family,

As I was doing my quiet time, I reflected on the beauty all around me; the warmth of the sun, the birds singing, the rain drops glistening off the trees, and the trees full of fruit all around me.  I felt God’s peace and presence all around me.  I thought this has to be what it was like in the Garden of Eden with His peace, provision and presence.  It made me wish that I could be in this place always.

While I lingered in the quiet, He spoke to me and said, “You can have this. I live within you and am all around you, wherever you are I am there.  You have the choice too look to me and live under the tree of life (His tree) or the tree of good and Evil (the tree of this world).

The fruit I have asked you not to eat of is the tree of worry because then you become overwhelmed.  When you eat of my fruit: love, peace, joy, faithfulness, goodness, and kindness instead of the fruit of worry and stress, then you can live in the garden of Eden wherever you are.  Because my beauty, peace, and presence can be with you no matter what is going on around you. Eat from me, drink of my living water and avoid the tree of worry.

As you trust me, that I am good and faithful then you can live in my Garden of PEACE.”

Choosing to live in God’s PEACE, Pam.

Today is Sunday and we had the privilege of going to church in Atenas where Pastor Josh gave the message with Helen Smith interpreting for him!  It was an amazing 2 hour service with so much energetic music and passion pouring out from the Costa Rican family of God here!  God is on the move!

After church we went back to Hogar to grab a light lunch and head off in teams to the three childrens’ homes on the property.  What an amazing time playing, loving, and sharing Jesus with these ninos lindos (beautiful children)!  We even had the privilege of taking 10, two to four year olds off the property to a nearby playground to swing, slide, get ‘horsey rides’ (rides on our shoulders), and just have a great time hearing the laughter of children enjoying life!  What an amazing day!

But wait…there’s more!  After we played with the ninos, Helen took us into town for a dinner of Costa Rican pizza!  It’s a delicious cross between Next Door Pub and New York style pizza!  Delicioso!

For the team…Pastor Jeff Hendrychs (aka, Jeff 2.0)

P.S. The weather is beautiful…kinda hot and humid.  Enjoy the pics of Josh preaching and Jake building a fire truck with his new buddy from the day before!