Team Member Profile – Meet Erin Stroud!

Erin has been married for 19 years to Josh and they have four children (1 daughter and 3 sons). We moved from our Illinois hometown two years ago to Williams Bay, and truly love this community already.

We knew immediately that Lakeland would be our place of worship. We didn’t want to miss a message. We are able to be our real selves, receive love and support through struggles, and get challenged to grow in our walk with God. It’s been so exciting that we want all our friends to visit if they don’t have a church to belong.

I’m in a season of being remade I’d say. Moving away from everything familiar has allowed God to show me He will always provide and that has changed me in a huge way.

I can’t see how I’d ever want to live outside of His protection and promises over my life. It’s too exciting an adventure to miss out on because of fear or selfishness.

I’ve lost some of my most treasured people, one being my grandmother that loved God more than anything and gave it all to serve Him. My current most influential ones are a small handful of family, friends, and new friends that push me to keep loving and living present and intentional when life gets difficult.

“To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah‬ 6:8‬b

Pray that I will keep looking forward, not back, and love more deeply.

I’ve been to Argentina and Miami to work with at-risk kids. I’m excited for Costa Rica to be with my daughter on her first mission’s trip, to share with her how we see God working there, to give rest to the staff, and be challenged to love people better. I love missions and our son is also adopted from Ethiopia. I can’t wait for us to experience caring for the kids and staff like people did for our son while he was in a care center.