Time Has Been Sweet

Today was action packed with a great closing. We finished up every cabinet (all 8!) with the equipment and fiber runs and got them online for Hogar to use. Everything is now ready for the cameras to be installed and ready to go for them with lightning protection (after a few more battery backups are sent). We had to pull the final two through such a tight hole it literally squeegeed the conduit of all the water inside. Between that and the “monkey snot” it was a pretty gross pull. We will post some video on that process tomorrow.

Ryan and I removed all of the old fiber and cleaned up the main rooms installed so it will be easy to take care of them from the states. Cary, Joel, and Richard played with the kids this afternoon really saw the heart of what Hogar is about – the kids. They were really surprised that they only seem to burn energy when you sweat more. They burned a lot of energy.

Tonight we debriefed with Matt and prayed over him and Hogar. It has been a great week of pouring into their homes and getting to know these guys. It’s amazing seeing this team that God put together and how well we all just found what needed to be done and just did it.

This place amazing every time I’m here. It’s a please of healing, laughter, and the Holy Spirit. I will miss it, but am looking forward to seeing my family. I miss them so much.

Off to the cold tomorrow!