Lights, Cables, Action!

Today started with devotionals in the Rancho with kids and staff.  Cary and Joel shared from their hearts and we followed up with some singing and a little dancing.  The kids ensure it is lively every time.

After a day of play and rest yesterday, it was time to get back to work.  We discussed the logistics and priorities over meal times and planned the rest of our work times.  Brand new fiber optic lines are now running through conduit all across the property.  Blinking lights on network switches indicate successful connections between the various buildings and houses.  The cooperation and team work makes plugging in each new connection extremely satisfying.  I am so thankful for the privilege to use technical skills of all types in a place like this.

It is rainy season down here right now, but today is the first day that we would describe as rainy.  On and off rain throughout the morning made for a pretty humid and muggy day.  This type of weather makes us very grateful for the ability to run a load of laundry while here.

Removing the distraction of the internet and phone has been tough – but mostly because I just want to talk to my wife so, so badly.  Not being connected to our spouses has been pretty frustrating at times.  We all miss our families and cannot wait to be reunited.  Hugs all around.

On Monday night we heard Matt’s testimony and tonight we heard from his wife, Chris.  Hearing the two parts of the story and their heart for God come together in a journey that led them to become full time missionaries here was amazing.  A beautiful journey of listening for His voice and following.  Each evening has concluded with deep conversation and gut busting laughter; its been an honor and joy to get to know each of these guys better and better.

Tomorrow we plan to push hard to wrap up all of the projects.  Its been exciting to see all the pieces come together each day.

Anyways, below are some weird pictures I took while writing this blog.