Is that Rebar?

Hello everyone.  We had a busy day today, but I think it was quite fruitful.  It began with Ryan and Richard sharing their testimony’s with the Tias and younger children that weren’t at school.  It was special hearing their stories translated to Spanish, and I think it was encouraging for the Tias and children to hear things like “Jesus has always been my friend,” from Richard.  Soon after that, our work day began.  On the agenda was pulling wire/cable and who knows what type of technical server punch in/out stuff Ryan had to do.  Through the help of past groups and the staff at Hogar de Vida, conduit was already in place for the runs and it was a matter of fishing a pull cord through and then pulling the wire.  What sounded straight forward was far from when we ran into clogged lines, jammed fishtapes, and loose tape.  The highlights were monkey snot and using a phone camera to determine that a clog was a 4″ piece of rebar tied to a cord that had balled up in the conduit.  Even through all of the struggles in the morning, we were able to pull 800 or more feet worth of fiber cable.  Ryan was a workhorse as usual, pushing through solo on the higher technical needs basically all day.

The evenings have become my favorite time of the day as this group gets to spend great quality time sharing parts of our life journeys, how God has been challenging us, questions and encouragement regarding fatherhood, and theological discussion.  God has already answered some of my prayers that I had going into the trip, and I’m patiently ready to hear more from Him.  In 2 Corinthians 10:11 Paul said that what he writes in letters when absent, he indeed follows when present.  It may not be the same exact thing happening in this case, but it has encouraged me today to pray that the impact God provides each of us on this trip may carry forward with us when we arrive back home and get into the normal daily cycles.  Please pray for us that what we write about to you or write in our journals stay with us and we continue to grow.

Tomorrow we get a bit of a break as we will be headed to Jaco for some sun, beach, and tourist type of activities.


We love and miss you guys,

Joel C