An enjoyable Sabbath day in Costa Rica

This morning I sat down at 5:45 am to journal my previous day’s experience at Hogar de Vida as well as my journey with God.   The sun on my shoulder felt wonderful as I worked through what God has planned for me, what Jesus wants of me, and what is God’s calling for me.   I heard loud and clear to love my children, get down low, and let God speak my words and actions.

Oops! It was 6:45 am when i started my journal due to auto time change on my watch and Costa Rica not using daylight savings time.  Luckily, we still had time to make and eat some pancakes and sausage for a decent breakfast before Helen brought us off to church in Atenas.  Helen is a longtime Hogar de Vida leader and our ambassador for the day.

What a wonderful church service with awesome people and message.  The worship music was great with several TV’s showing words in Spanish.  We were able to sing along and I even felt I could understand most of what were singing due to the repeat chorus during each song.  That helped me fill in the words when I wasn’t sure of their meaning.  Church ran about 2 hours with a 15 minute passing of the peace.  We all had the amazing experience of meeting others in the faith.

After church we were able to visit Helen’s beautiful house and property including a large variety of flowers and plants as well as large stream and waterfall.   After returning to Hogar de Vida we had lunch and siesta.  Some of the guys walked next door to watch the local’s Soccer game.  It was an exciting game with many talented players.

Next we had the pleasure of tagging along with some Tia’s and the children from house #2.  We headed down the narrow street for a couple blocks to the local park.  Although the tia’s were calm and unnerved, it seemed very chaotic and even a little scary.  I prayed to our Lord for the safety of the children.  After reaching the park and the gate was latched then the fun began.  We guided the children as they went up and down slides and ladders, back and forth on swings, and under/over the various playground equipment.  We even jumped hopscotch and drew using sidewalk chalk with the children.  Seeing the kids smile, hearing them giggle, and learning and repeating back their names made this an invaluable experience for the team.  Thank you Hogar de Vida for allowing us to be part of your lives.

For dinner we went to a Pupusa restaurant in Atenas.  Pupusas are a tortilla stuffed with meat, refried beans, and cheese.  Some tried a creamy beverage of papaya and Milk.  The food and the outdoor atmosphere was a great end to a great day.

On the outside wall of Hogar de Vida is a well known bible verse written in Spanish.   I will end today’s blog with John 14:6.   Jesus said to him (Thomas):  I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to The Father except through me.