A Great First Day

From Cary’s epic battle with the “insectos de cafe” to great a discussion after hearing Matt’s testimony, it was a spirit-filled and productive day. With everything getting through customs, we were able to start the day at full throttle and got a lot done. We got to experience the full gauntlet of Costa Rican wall issues with concrete, cinder block, and a metal/wood combo but still got 6 of the 8 cabinets hung today. Ryan also reorganized the server room (that he has called his “Casa de Ryan” since he spent the entire week in that room on his last trip) and got everything prepped for the wire pulls on Monday.

Siesta was a great break for us with a pool break for some and relaxing God time for others. Ryan got to play his one-time trump card to work through siesta to get the server room put back together since..well…it was completely torn apart (it was kinda legit).

I really appreciate the hearts, drive, and independence of this team. Cary was a trooper assembling the cabinets, transporting them all around the property (in his awesome wagon) and popping his head in and raising spirits. Richard and Joel powered through the worst cinder block anchors ever invented (Thank you Richard and Joel for your engineering and patience). Who knew Richard humming the Rocky theme would inspire Joel to drive it home. Hearing Ryan constantly say…”Why did I do this??!!”…a reference to his work 5 years ago when he had never done it before. Held up for 5 years so not too bad. It’s looking great (pics to come). I was wrapping up getting the new equipment installed and configured while asking Ryan why he was taking longer than 2 hours (inside team joke).

Matt’s testimony was fantastic and really gave all of us some great insight into the heart of Hogar de Vida (the children) as well as how God has brought him along over time. It is amazing hearing the the patience he had to display in his walk with God and how he has brought him back here.

It was wonderful talking with the guys about how to press into God while here and use each other’s testimonies to hopefully give some insight. We love and miss all of you and are off to bed. Church and Helen tomorrow!

We would have more pics but my GoPro failed a bit. Ryan looked like he had a tiny head from Beetlejuice and a closeup of Richard’s sweaty head. I’m really glad Richard had his iPhone on him. You all know how hard it is for me to say that…

– Pete