Getting to work

Today we got to work, and we got to work hard!
Our team did an awesome job of working with great attitudes.
We had a team haul truckloads of brush and logs out of the way, making the campus here more beautiful.
We had a couple of people scraping and painting a room.
We had a couple of people cleaning car seats and pressure washing.
And we had a couple of people who cut and jackhammered concrete, making a new emergency exit in an existing building.

It was hot, sunny, and humid today. We got sweaty, dirty, and we kept smiling! Pastor Erik helped remind everyone to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. As he keeps reminding us…No Agua, No Poop!

Everyone felt good about what they were able to do and how it was useful for Hogar de Vida.
In the afternoon today, we got to meet the children. Jenna knocked it out of the park with her planned crafts and activities! After structured time at tables, our team spread out and played with the kids.

We had a delicious dinner with some of the staff, followed by some intense rounds of spoons (but we used knives) and UNO. We had some sweet worship time and a chance to reflect on the day. We shared “God sightings” and encouraged each other to keep up the good work. Some of the students even stayed up late to keep singing–can’t stop them!

Tomorrow, we will go to a Spanish-speaking church, walk around town, and hang out with kids again in the afternoon. To be continued!

And remember, we still really out here.