Finally Here!

Help!  We’re stuck somewhere in Mexico!

We made it to Hogar De Vida!  The topography is completely different here in Costa Rica.  It was amazing to see as we flew into San José and then drove up and down the windy mountain roads to Aténas where Hogar De Vida, the children’s home, is located.

Matt and his wife Chris, the directors of the home, are hosting us this week.  They introduced us to the home, which is more like a campus, where 35 children and the caregivers, or tías, live, a kitchen, offices, a gathering area called the rancho, and a small school.  You get to see how much infrastructure is required to care for these children.

Matt spent some time with us to explain how fragile the children are here, and how to care for them well throughout the week. We will be here to ensure they are safe.

We closed the night with some worship time through song to God.

After being up for 36 hours, it is time for bed .  Catch us on the blog later tonight, BECAUSE WE REALLY OUT HERE!

We were wrong about Darryll the Gecko, we should have never attacked Darryll with the plunger.  Come to find out Darryll is a bug killer and my hero.


Also we are gonna full send everyday and always skrrt skert