Fiesta like there’s no mañana!

This morning we went to church in town with Helen. Helen is a wonderful woman of faith who serves at Hogar de Vida as a director. She hosted us today, and is now absolutely our hero.

After church, we were driving past a man in town who was asking for money outside of a bank. Helen knows him and told us how he recently lost his foot in a car accident.
We stopped to prayed for him. We prayed a crazy-big prayer that God would pop out a brand new foot! Cause we know that our God can do anything! We asked him if he knows Jesus, and he said he does! He was grateful for our prayers.

Personal Note – Amelia
After lunch, some of us walked down to the river. We walked for over ½ a mile over slippery rocks, mud, and through the rushing river. While I was walking, I took time to observe what God has created for us, and how lucky we are to have this opportunity to be here. God’s astounding grace and love became apparent to me and I received a whole new perspective of the trip.


This afternoon, we spent time with the children again. It went even better than yesterday! Payton P, Basil, and Britney taught the kids the story of God creating everything from Genesis. They loved it!
Basil held a baby for the first time in his life!

Some of us got to spend time praying for and encouraging the tias. Amelia received a vision from God to give to and declare over one of the tias. Praise the Lord! It was an awesome moment, an answer to prayer, and very encouraging to everyone in that prayer circle.

God is working in all of our hearts, and using us here.
Thank you God for your faithfulness, and for answering our prayers.

We went out to eat for pizza downtown for dinner, and we got to see town a little more while we were there. A fun little adventure for us.

We ended the night listening to Helen share her testimony. We were all locked in for the whole 2 hours! That’s right, 2 hours of gold! Helen’s story, faith, and life lessons touched each of us.

Thank you for your prayers for Peyton B. She is feeling much better today. Tonight she was actually dancing around saying, “I just feel so good!”