“Darryll’s Day Off”

This blog post is going to be written by me, Luke.

Today was our vacation day/team outing. We started the day off with pastries given to us by Matt, the Hogar De Vida Director. So we knew it was going to be a good day. We got on the bus at 6:45 to go ziplining in Jaco. We made a pitstop at crocodile bridge. It was a bridge with a river going underneath and probably about 20 crocodiles that were visible they ranged from a minimum of 8 feet to a maximum of 19ish feet.

The ziplining experience was very surreal. We had the opportunity to ride 10 different ziplines off the mountains into the jungle. WE DID NOT GET A WARNING ABOUT FEEDING IGUANAS. I got bit by one, are you proud of me, Mom? Iguanas to the Costa Rican are like squirrels to Americans.

Then we travelled to the resort on the ocean front, ate a buffet lunch, and when downtown to go shopping. We shopped for two hours-ish, then returned back to the resort. Then we had the opportunity to go either to the pool or travel down to the Pacific Ocean. After playing in the various waters for a while, we played a game of beach volleyball to decide who did chores the next day (I didn’t win). At 5 we began the baptism of Basil and I. Basil and I decided to do our baptism in the ocean and during this trip because of our journey with God.

Then at 5:30ish we had a pretty fancy dinner and dessert. Then we left to go back to Hogar and we read all of the moms’ messages on the way home. Bob misread the majority of them. lol. Sorry Mrs. McCabe. Overall the day was pretty dope. A friendly reminder… we really out here.

I would like to thank all the homies that have been praying for us on this trip. Also, just a general thank you for the support and for sending these amazing, wonderful children to be on this team. I could not have asked for a better team to be down here with. I also have been praying over all of your minds and hearts as your children are a long way away, but I can confirm that I have seen the work of God in everyone here at their various moments. This team has grown in wonderful and crazy ways.

God bless you all for letting us come to Hogar de Vida.