Cloudy With A Chance Of Darryll

Hello Family, Friends, and our Supporters!

We started off today with an amazing devotion from a few of the Tías. One of the devotions was from a Tía named Patricia who shared how God answered her prayer about needing encouragement through a group from our team praying over her on Sunday. It helped to remind us the importance of the work that God wants to use us to accomplish at Hogar. After that, we went on to continue the work projects we have endured through this past week. It was hot and humid today! Stickiest, hottest day yet, but we powered through.

Following our work projects and lunch, we spent the rainy afternoon in the kids’ houses. We made crowns with the kids, and they loved it! The rain eventually stopped, and we went down to the Rancho for a dance party and play-time in the park. We could see how the kids enjoyed it through the smile on their faces and the constant sound of laughter filling the property. It was a really sweet sight to see.


Luke reading a kid’s book en español.

After another good meal (we’ve been fed so well here), we finished off the night listening to Chris Gnuse’s testimony and our usual worship including the Hogar interns that are here. Also, an opportunity came up to pray over the interns and their various journeys and futures. It was a truly special ending to a truly special day.

P.S. from Emma a good old yeehaw and a howdy.


Here’s a couple sweet pics from the ocean baptism yesterday…